The 5W’s of your online event

Just a few months ago the event planning process looked like this: have an idea, form a team, book a venue. Well, a few of us would have imagined that step 3 would vanish into thin air for quite some time. Now event organisers face a challenge: engage an audience that is not in theContinue reading “The 5W’s of your online event”

How will 5G transform the events industry?

In the midst of a global pandemic we have no choice but to think of the future and ways to improve it. There has been a lot of controversy around the implementation of 5G in cities, from pictures of dead birds to forming anti-5G groups and petitions to ban the 5G implementation. We remember theContinue reading “How will 5G transform the events industry?”

Martyn’s law – how can the events industry adopt this?

A recommendation for event and venue managers Events are an easy target for terrorist attacks. Extremists have shifted their focus from embassies, army bases or planes towards nightclubs, arenas and public open spaces. Choosing “lifestyle” targets guarantees a broader media coverage and the spread of ideas promoted by terrorists. We can see examples of thisContinue reading “Martyn’s law – how can the events industry adopt this?”

Are the Olympics coming to an end?

What are the trends towards boycotting hosting the Games? Recently there has been a decline in cities bidding to host the Olympics. With the introduction of referendums, people in democratic countries are presented with a choice and their opinion is clear: locals do not want the Olympic Games to take place in their city. ButContinue reading “Are the Olympics coming to an end?”

Cultural appreciation and not appropriation within the events industry

Should cultural symbols be banned from festivals? “Seeing people who aren’t from that culture dressed in that way, embracing it and understanding it from the food, to the language, to the music. That for me is a truer expression than putting a bindi on at a festival because you think it looks cool.” What isContinue reading “Cultural appreciation and not appropriation within the events industry”

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